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Price & Payment


The R&D pricing ensures highest cost transparency.

The total costs are comprised of:

  • quantity-dependent price according to the 7 price groups
  • reasonable shipping and handling fee
    (do not apply if order value is over 5,000.- € / 7,000.- US $)
  • local import duties and taxes

R&D price groups

  • Minimum purchase quantity is one packing unit
  • Price group corresponding to purchase quantity
  • 7 price groups for each of our products
  • All prices are quoted in EURO and USD

With our price groups we want to offer you at least 10% price advantage to other similar products. Should you find more favourable price than in our shop, please contact us via


The R&D payment processing supports customer-internal processes through:

  • Automatically created proforma invoice after completing the order
  • Customer-specific payment options depending on your billing address
    • Advance payment on the basis of proforma invoice
      Complete order processing immediately after confirmation of payment.
    • Payment against invoice
      Invoice is enclosed to the consignment (sent by email in advance)
      Payment is due within 30 calendar days net.
  • Official invoice by email and with the shipment of the products

Any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at