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Techsem Catalog

Techsem Catalog 2016

Power Module

Technical Information Techsem Power Module

Summary of Technical Parameters

Techsem Module Outline
MDC & MD Series
MDS Series
MT & MF Series
Difference of "B" Type Module

Comparison of Pressure and Solder Contact
Testing Report (Blind Holes vs. Through Holes) 

Capsule Device

Technical Information Techsem Capsule Devices

TECHSEM Simulation Program

This Program is the TECHSEM online calculation and simulation tool for losses, temperatures and optimal choice of power electronic components. With the help of this tool, the performance differences of the available devices under application-oriented conditions, such as voltage level, switching frequency or cooling conditions, can be clearly demonstrated. And this is where efficient support is provided by this program to enable developers to make the right decision for the choice of the power semiconductors.