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Discover the new presentation video of TECHSEM. You can visit the well-organized modern power semiconductor manufacturer here.


TECHSEM new Short Form Catalog 2016 is now available. Please find the electronic form of the catalog here. For hard copy please contact us.

TECHSEM is now certified with IRIS

From now on TECHSEM is one of the 1000 companies of the world with IRIS certificate. IRIS is based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and incorporates additional railway-specific requirements. Please find the certificate here.

TECHSEM Simulation Program Available

The TECHSEM calculation and simulation tool for dissipation, temperatures and optimal choice of power electronic components is as of now online available. You can find the program here.

Up to 20% price reduction:

Together with our supplier partner TECHSEM, we have succeeded to substantially reduce the process costs. As the result you can benefit from the price reduction of up to 20%. From now on the new prices in our online shop apply.

Looking for Channel Partners Worldwide

 To strengthen our market presence, we are looking for experienced sales representatives or distributors worldwide. If you are interested, please contact us.


With our price groups we want to offer you at least 10% price advantage to other similar products. Should you find more favourable price than in our shop, please contact us via info@rd-ebusiness.com.


  1. MTC110-16-223F3

    Thyristor / Diode Modules
    VRRM: 1600 (V)
    ITAV: 110 (A)


    Original Price: $36.65

    Now only: $31.19 As low as: $12.84
    VAT not applicable
    excl. Shipping Cost
  2. Y24KPA-06-04

    Phase Controlled Thyristors
    VRRM: 400 (V)
    ITAV: 600 (A)


    Original Price: $58.09

    Now only: $49.32 As low as: $20.65
    VAT not applicable
    excl. Shipping Cost
  3. MDC160-12-216F3

    Thyristor / Diode Modules
    VRRM: 1200 (V)
    IFAV: 160 (A)


    Original Price: $51.50

    Now only: $43.89 As low as: $18.02
    VAT not applicable
    excl. Shipping Cost


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Order power electronics in the RD-Electronics online shop

The power electronics, as a section of electrical engineering, can be used to deal in the conversion of electrical energy by means of switching and switchable electronic components just like the products available in our shop. The uses of our power components and power modules range from inverters and rectifiers to switch mode power supplies. In our online shop you will find an extensive range of high-grade electronic components.


R&D Electronics International Co. Limited is specialized in worldwide sales and marketing of power electronic components sourced in China. As the exclusive overseas representative of TECHSEM, the well-known Chinese manufacturer of diode / thyristor modulesbridge rectifiers and capsules (disc cells), R&D Electronics takes over all the marketing and sales activities for the world market. R&D Electronics offers you:

  • One-Stop Shop for all diode modules, SCR modules, bridge rectifiers and thyristor / diode disc cells;
  • Cost savings through the products with excellent price-performance ratio; 
  • Second source for simple substitutable standard products; 
  • Excellent customer services via local partners, email and hotline; 
  • Efficient communication and implementation oft he market requirements; 
  • Worldwide courier transport, free shipping if order value is over 5.000,- €/7.000,- US$; 
  • Simple order process and unbureaucratic after-sales service. 


  • 48 years experience in development and production; 
  • Well-known international reference customers like Emerson and Schneider; 
  • Only public listed power semiconductors company in China; 
  • Pressure contact technology for high reliability and lifetime; 
  • Broad product portfolio from chip to power stack. 

R&D, bridging supply and demand

More information about power electronics

Where else the gas discharge vessels with a liquid mercury cathode still have been used to convert alternating current into direct current at the beginning of the last century, the first truly controllable power semiconductor was finally developed by General Electric in 1957. This first thyristor was the foundation of the wide range of power components nowadays. The variety of controllable and passive power semiconductors makes the drive technology from today to be able to keep everything in motion and faces day after day new challenges.

By means of these power semiconductors the current and the energy as well can be converted into different shapes, not only in terms of the type of voltage, but also the level of the voltage and its frequency. It is even impossible for occupational safety and health without power semiconductors. Only thanks to power modules, units can be shut down for protection of technology and user, for example, if it drags too much power and becomes too hot or runs too fast.

Unlike the mechanical relays and other mechanical protection mechanisms, power semiconductors have, however, no moving parts and thus are not subject to mechanical wear. Usually a rectifier can convert AC voltage to DC voltage. With help of an inverter, DC voltage can be transferred into AC voltage. DC to a higher or lower DC voltage can be achieved with a frequency converter and AC to an AC voltage with a different frequency with a frequency converter that is also known as AC power controller.

Thus, nowadays the inverters and power semiconductors are not only used in heavy machinery such as electric locomotives and classic engines, but also in high power welding machines and other heavy machines that require a soft starter. But also the ever-spreading induction cookers can only be affordable, effective and durable thanks to the use and application of power modules. The same applies to the modern hybrid vehicles. Since here a variety of machines work hand in hand, the electrical energy must also be converted into a voltage frequency, which the controlled parts of the engine can also work with.